How to Get a Fast Passport in the United States

Fast Passport Guide

It’s easy to get a fast passport even if a traveler needs it in 24 hours. The government can’t accommodate those who need their passports this quickly, If they apply through government channels, travelers will not be able to receive their passports for five to seven weeks. People can begin the process online at the company’s website and by visiting the order page. To obtain a rush passport, customers just need to tell the company what type of passport they need. They can choose to renew their passports, obtain a new passport, change the name on a current passport, obtain a passport for a child, replace a stolen or damaged passport or add pages to a passport.

Proving Travel within 30 Days

To secure an expedited passport, people will need two copies of one of the following:

• A confirmed travel itinerary
• A letter proving the need to travel for business
• A document establishing that the traveler has hotel reservations for a date within the next two weeks
• A document establishing that the traveler has hotel reservations for a date within the next four weeks if the customer is also asking for a visa

When Is the Passport Needed?

The next step is to select the time that the passport is needed. People may receive a rush passport in one, two, three to four, five to ten or eight to 14 business days.

Completing the Order Form

If customers can demonstrate the need for a rush passport within 30 days and know what type of passport is needed, they can proceed to the company’s order form. After filling it out online, they will print the form and sign it in blue or black ink. Once the form has been completed, clients will need to print out the Passport Letter of Authorization. However, they will need to fill this document out by hand.

Mailing Their Documents

Lastly, customers will gather their supporting documentation. They will need two passport photographs and their proof of international travel along with a check or money order for the government’s fees. Then, travelers may ship all of these documents overnight by way of FedEx, or they can send them by UPS or the United States Postal Service. They can also visit one of the company’s offices to deliver the documents by hand.

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