How to Check Passport Validity

Make Sure Your Passport is Valid!

Passport validity is one of the most important things about having a passport. Your passport is only valuable as a valid document, so be sure to check your passport validity often. The rules for passport validity are outlined here as well as on the U.S. State Department website. You do not want to have your passport denied!



How to Check Passport Validity

Have your passport in hand! Lost or stolen passports need to be replaced. You cannot check your passport validity without actually reviewing it! So get your passport in hand before you read on.

Triple check that all your information is correct and accurate! Any misspellings or inaccurate info must be updated. If any of your information has changed, please update it immediately. This includes marriage name change, gender change, adoption name change, etc.

Sign the first page. Your passport is not considered a valid document until you sign the first page.

Make sure your passport is not damaged. Passport damage comes in many different forms. Check your passport thoroughly before you leave for your trip.

Have enough visa passport pages. If you don’t have enough blank visa pages, you could be turned away at the airport.

Check the expiration date. The most common reason to need an expedited passport is because travelers do not pay attention to their passport expiration date. Adult passports expire every ten years. Minor passports expire every 5 years.

Make sure you have 6 months of passport validity. Many countries require that your passport have at least 6 months until it expires when visiting them. Please check with each country before you go.


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