How to Cancel/ Modify Trip With Aer Lingus

modify flight Aer LingusSo you want to cancel or modify your Aer Lingus flight? Best advice: DON’T. Aer Lingus is the second largest airline in Ireland and is known for being one of the best options for flying to and from Ireland. With service across much of Europe, Aer Lingus is often a top choice for budget conscious travelers. They are also known for not having the best cancellation and refund policies which is good to know if you are aware that your trip itinerary could change. Many European airlines have strict policies regarding flight changes, modifications, add-ons, and cancellations. You should know the policies before you book your next flight abroad.


How to Cancel/ Modify Trip With Aer Lingus

Their online booking is quite simple to use and the site offers a “Modify Trip” selection if there are any changes. However most of these changes can be done at a hefty price. For example, if a traveler has to change the name on their ticket that is a 100 euro fee. The late check in fee is also quite pricey at 75 euros. Therefore, if and when booking with Aer Lingus be sure to be 100% confident with your schedule and be aware how the information is filled out.
How to Cancel/ Modify Trip With Aer Lingus
Trips can only be modified if they are within the same departure country. For example, if one books to depart from Brussles, Belgium they do not have the option to rebook or change the flight to leave from Frankfurt, Germany even if the destination is the same. Instead the traveler will have to lose the money they paid for the original flight and cancel it. In the event of this Aer Lingus will not award the traveler a refund of the price difference in flights. Instead they will charge 40 euros to change the time/date/city if the modification happens within the same country.


In the event of a cancellation, this has to be done via phone call and not online which may be an additional personal charge if one does not have an international phone plan. This airline also does not offer a full refund or a voucher to use to rebook the flight with them. Instead they can offer a small percentage of a refund. For example, in July 2016 there was a flight cancelled that was 100 euros, and a small refund of 23 euros was awarded to the traveler even though they were rebooking with the same company.


This budget airline is a great option for traveler’s if their trip and plans go as scheduled. However, sometimes life happens and this is something that Aer Lingus makes a great deal of money off of by their hidden fees. These seemingly small fees and terms are better to know before booking flights instead of having to learn the hard way and to lose money. Therefore, if you are a budget traveler and are in the event of cancelling/ modifying a flight with Aer Lingus- just don’t.


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