How Long is a Passport Valid?

How Long is a Passport Valid?

How long is a passport valid? 

Be sure to check your passport validity before your travel date. 

How Long is a Passport Valid?

Please review the expiration date of your US passport regularly so you do not end up in a pinch when it is time for passport renewal. Many travelers do not realize the importance of checking for passport validity, even though it is a quick way to sideline a trip.

Additionally, most countries require at least 6 months of validity on a US passport to enter. If your US passport is set to expire sooner than 6 months after your planned travel dates, you may not be able to enter the country.

NOTE: At the present time, both Mexico and Canada enforce the requirement of having 6 months left of validity on your U.S. passport before entering.

Passport Validity

Moreover, there are several factors with US passport validity.

The most important factor is when the Department of State issued your passport. If you were 16 years old or older, your passport is an “adult passport” and good for 10 years. If you were 15 years old or younger, it is a “child passport.” Unfortunately, you cannot renew a child passport. The child must apply for a new child (or minor) passport each time.

It is also important that your passport has no damage.

Temporary Limited or Second Passports

Temporary limited passports are valid for 1 year. It comes in handy for emergency travel when you’re unable to provide all of the proper documentation at the time of your passport application.

Second duplicate passports are typically valid for 2 years.  See Second Passports for more details.

If you need to obtain a US passport fast, you can choose a legitimate, trusted passport expeditor.



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