Hike the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu


If you enjoy hiking, trekking, and traveling then you must experience the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu! This is one of the most desired treks in the world, and you will not be let down.

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is a historical trail to the famed deserted city. There are several ways to see Machu Picchu. You can take the lazy way and catch a 2 hour train to the front gates. This is the best way if you have no time to see it properly and you only want to get in and get out. You can also take the Lares trail. This is a beginner-intermediate trail. It takes 5 days in length, one day spent in Aguas Calientes and 30 minute bus to Machu Picchu. This is not a bad way to do some trekking, but unfortunately you have to drive into Macchu Picchu. That doesn’t quite have the same charm as hiking into this majestic forgotten city. We recommend you take the true traveling experience adventure way.

Hike the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu

THE INCA TRAIL! This is a 4 day intense trek through the Andes that allows you to actually go through the Sun Gate and end up inside Machu Picchu. You actually have to leave Machu Picchu and come back in to get a stamp on your passport.  This is an advanced trail with more than 75% of the trail being on a steep incline. Not to mention you are hiking at an elevation of over 11,000 feet for most of the time. A lot of the tour companies are known for mistreating their porters and guides by having them carry too much weight or not properly feeding them. Be a responsible traveler. Do your research beforehand and find a trusted company. We personally can vouch for Peru Treks. They have a weight limit that they allow their porters to carry and provide them with food and a proper place to sleep. This should be a major factor when deciding on a tour company.

Peru Treks helps you to Hike the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu with amazingly fresh meals that are prepared before you get to your destination. After a long day of hiking, you’ll be happy to end up at a campsite with a warm meal. As a trekker, you are responsible for our own personal belongings, sleeping bag and mattress mad. (Around 12-15lbs total). You have the option of hiring an additional porter to carry your stuff. Water is crucial and it is advised that you not drink the local Peruvian water, let alone the Inca Trail stream water. Local Peruvians also sell water along the way.

Travel Tips- Hike the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu:

–  Give yourself a full 3 days in Cuzco beforehand to accustom yourself to the elevation. The elevation is no joke. This is one of the highest locations in the world, so don’t push yourself too hard here.

–  Do the INCA TRAIL, not the LARES TRAIL if you can. The Inca trail has more sites to see and you actually end up inside Machu Picchu rather than having to take a bus up. Also, it’s the Royal trail. The trail that the king would take. Experience the royal treatment!

-WATER. Drink lots and lots of water. It is the best way to prevent and fight altitude sickness.

-Purchase altitude sickness pills from the local “pharmacias” in Cuzco, and start taking them the first morning of the hike.

– Bring enough local money for the four days. You will want to buy things along the way. You can buy water, beer, showers on the third day, hot springs in Aguas Calientes, and you will need to tip your guide and porters. We recommend that you bring at least 300 soles each for the 4 days. You don’t think you will need it but you do and it goes quick. Better to have too much than to run out and miss out.

–   Price per person for the trek is $490. This price includes the trail entrance fee, transportation to and from your hostel or accommodation in Cuzco, and all meals on trek. There is an additional fee to rent a sleeping bag and mattress pad.

–   Book your trek at least 6 months out. It sells out and you will be stuck into doing the Lares Trail.


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