Helpful Travel Infographics Series #4

Today’s post will cover 20 Apps for the World Traveler (brought to you by spruuce) as part of our Helpful Travel Infographics Series. We’ve previously written extensively on how to travel the world for free. Many of our tips and tricks are highlighted here, such as using AirBnB. Travel Apps are certainly the way of the future, so this will help you find the best travel apps to make your travels even greater!

Helpful Travel Infographics Series travel apps

Helpful Travel Infographics Series #4 covers popular travel apps: TripJournal, CityMaps2Go, MapsWithMe, WiFI Finder, Waze, TripIt, Field Trip, Stay, Kayak, Triposo, XE, Skyscanner, Google Translate, AirBnB, Around Me, Backpackr, TripAdvisor, and AllStays.

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