How to Get a Passport in Texas

Texas-flagTexas! Texas is the second largest state in America and the second most populated. Famous for it’s size, Texan culture, food, landscapes, sports teams, and music and art scenes, Texas has it all. Not surprisingly, it’s also very easy to get a U.S. Passport in the state of Texas. You can get your passport through your local acceptance facility for routine processing or you can expedite your passport and get it as fast as 24 hours.


How to Get a Passport in Texas

There are over 8000 local passport acceptance agencies nationwide. If you need to find a local passport office in Texas, you can type your town or zip code in the search bar on this website. If you’re located in a major city like DallasEl Paso, or Houston you can use a Regional Passport Agency, available by appointment only and generally used for emergency situations. We also have the complete list of all local Texas passport offices listed here if you need routine processing.


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To apply for a new adult passport or a child passport, you will need to be seen by an acceptance agent. The acceptance agent is usually found at the post office or county clerk. They are qualified by the U.S. Department of State to process passport applications. They will seal your documents in a sealed adjudicated envelope. Remember that routine processing takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks, or longer if there is a delay with your passport application. If you need your passport faster, you can always use an accredited passport expediting agency. Texas has many options for passport services. There are private courier companies that can also help Texans get their U.S. passports fast! For more information, please read about Private Expediting Companies.

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