How to Get an Overnight Passport

new-passport-fastport-passport-pineappleHow to Get an Overnight Passport

The passport application process normally takes 4-6 weeks. When you have travel plans within a month or less, you’ll need a faster option. Fortunately, there is the overnight passport. Passports Online has teamed up with the leading passport expeditor: Fastport Passport


A passport expeditor is registered with the U.S. Department of State. This unique relationship allows for the expeditor to get a passport made as fast as 24 hours. The passport expeditor has access to appointments that are not available to the general public. So if you need an overnight passport, this is the option for you.


How the Overnight Passport Works

The Overnight Passport has a critical process that must be followed. You will need to gather all the appropriate documentation completed correctly. If there are any errors on your documentation, your passport will be delayed. It is critical that the applicant follow our checklist perfectly. We are also here to help you through the process.

When you order our service, we will help you through each step. You will gather the documents and complete them as per the checklist. If it is a new passport, a child passport, or to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged passport, you will need to visit an acceptance agent. Don’t worry about this step. We will help you find one near you. Once the acceptance agent seals all your documents, you will send us the sealed envelope. We need to get it immediately, so we will connect you with our Emergency Expeditor team. They will assist you to make sure you get your overnight passport immediately.





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