How to Get a Copy of Your Old Passport

The U.S. Passport Services maintains records of passport applications from 1925 through to the present day. If you would like to request a copy of your passport records, the records of your minor’s passport, or the records of someone for whom you have their specific written consent, you can secure them through the Passport Services. These records are of applications submitted for the issuance of a passport or other records such as a Consular Report of Birth, a Certificate of Witness to Marriage, a Certificate of Loss of Nationality, or a Consular Report of Death.  Passport records are protected by the Privacy Act of 1974 and do not include evidence of travel such as entrance/exit stamps, visas, and residence permits.

How to Get a Copy of an Old Passport

Submit a typed or clearly printed request that provides the following information:

The full name at birth and any subsequent name changes of the individual whose records you are requesting, and if you are requesting records for your children or using an authorization, provide your full name as well.
Evidence of legal authorization if you are requesting records about anyone other than yourself, evidence of the parental relationship if you are requesting records about your minor child(ren), and evidence of the guardian relationship if you are requesting records about someone as to whom you are a legal guardian;
The date and place of birth of the individual whose records you are requesting;
Your current mailing address;
Your current daytime telephone number;
Your current e-mail address, if available;
The date or estimated date the passport(s) was issued;
The passport number of the person whose records you are seeking, if known, and any other information that will help us locate the records; and
A clear copy of your valid Government-issued photo identification (e.g., a driver’s license).
Make sure you have the request signed and notarized.

There are no fees to request a regular copy of your passport records, those of your minor children or an incompetent person for whom you act as a guardian, or as an authorized representative for another individual U.S. citizen.  If you wish to obtain certified copies of these records, the certification fee is $50.00.  Checks or money orders should be made payable to “Department of State” and mailed with the request above to the address below.  If you would like a certified copy of a passport record, send requests for your passport records directly to Passport’s Office of Legal Affairs and Law Enforcement Liaison, Law Enforcement Liaison Division, at the address below:

U.S. Department of State
Law Enforcement Liaison Division
1150 Passport Services Pl, 4th Floor
Dulles, VA  20189-1150
Telephone: 202-485-6550





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