Why Should You Get An Expedited Passport

online passportA regular passport takes about 4-8 days to be processed. You may have a trip in three weeks and you realize that you don’t have a passport or your previous passport has already expired. What are you going to do in this situation?

There are many reasons why you may need an expedited passport. Maybe you are going for a trip and you realize that the passport you applied for your children have expired and the kid is now past 16 years. Also your passport may have expired or there is an emergency that will require you to travel overseas.

With expedited services, you will be able to get your passport in 2-3 weeks, or even in 24 hours.

Reasons To Get Your Passport Expedited

Short notice business trip

Your company has organized a business trip and you are lucky to be in the team. But there is a small problem, either your passport has expired or you don’t have one. Also, you may have just recently acquired a U.S. citizenship and you need a passport to travel overseas. You don’t have to cancel your trip as you will be able to get your passport in a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 30 days, or 24 hours from Fastport Passport.

Emergency family vacation

Maybe you have never traveled outside the country and you have never needed a passport. One day however you may be surprised by your family members with a visit to Spain on August. You might have to cancel the trip because you can’t process your passport in time. Also, you may be going outside the country and you realize that your kids are above 16 and they cannot use their infant’s passport.

Lost/Stolen passports

You may have a trip in a month and when you are packing, you suddenly realize that your passport is missing. Also, your documents may have been stolen and your passport is included. You don’t have to cancel your trip because you can use expedited services to get a new passport fast. Aside from that, your passport may be damaged or mutilated which means you need another passport urgently.

No other IDs

When you are traveling to foreign countries where you are not going to ride a plane, you may use your IDs instead of a passport. However, you may realize that all of your documents are missing. Applying for these other IDs will take time so processing an expedited passport would be faster.

Spontaneous business trip

If you love traveling so much that your passport book is already filled up and you need another passport, use expedited services to get a new passport.

Emergency. You may have an emergency that will require you to travel out of the country fast. This is the service to use.

Expedited Passport Online Processing

You can apply for a passport online at Fastport Passport. The following are the steps that you have follow.

Choose a service

Select type of service you need. There are several services that are provided: child passport, name change, add pages, renew passport, new passport and lost passport.

Passport instructional checklists

After selecting the service you need, this page will give you the instructions in filling out the form. In this checklist, you will find all the details you need to process your passport. The data will be filtered depending on the service that you have selected. In each service, you will be provided with instructions that are required to be able to get a passport.

Have your documents ready and ship them

This will give you a case number of your records and the confirmation that your request has been received. Keep the case number because you will use it if you need to communicate with a passport specialist. You also need to check your passport status and you will use your case number for this. In this page you will also get the tracking number for the shipped passport.

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