How to Travel the World for Free: Part 1

Free World Travel: Part 1

Most people dream of traveling the world. Whether you want to travel for 10 days or 2 years, you can travel for free. This mini-series will give you tips on how to literally travel for free. Yes, that’s right. For free. All you need is your passport and you can see the world for free!


Imagine if you could travel to any country in the world and not have to pay for food and accommodation. Well, that dream is a reality for thousands of travelers every day. There are several work exchange websites that will connect travelers and hosts to cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship for everyone. If this sounds good to you, it’s time you discovered helpx.

HelpX is a website that links people who are willing to take in travelers and ‘volunteers’ in exchange for meals and accommodation. This means you could realistically travel your way around the world and never pay for a meal or bed.


How it works:

Help X is a website for hosts and helpers. For helpers to sign up it costs about $25USD. HelpX works because you get your meals and accommodation in exchange for your help. It could be literally anything. A host person or company will make a profile stating where they are located, what they do, and what help they are looking for, and in exchange what they will provide. Usually it’s something like 4-6 hours of ‘work’ or ‘volunteering’ a day, 5-6 days a week. You usually negotiate one or two days off a week. Most times, the work is fun and you’ll be with other international travelers looking to also work their way around the world. It’s a network of people traveling the world for free .Whether you are looking to volunteer your time, or you need some people to come and help you get your garden or house together this is the site for you.

All you have to do is create a profile and you are on your way to helping all around the world.


Okay, so what kind of work will I do?

You can search and see all of the listings, from all over the world. You can work on a bee farm in Sicily, paint fences in southern Spain, volunteer at a school in Cambodia or an orphanage in India. You can help build a garden in Portugal or help cook meals for a hostel in British Columbia, or even make beds at a bed and breakfast castle in France. Whatever you have to offer, a work exchange is in need of you. You may even learn some new skills! The whole world participates in this network of work exchange, and this is a great way to travel the world and not have to spend any money on food and accommodation, all the while meeting new friends and people from all over the world.


You do not have to be skilled to participate in HelpX, the hosts will find things for you to do that you are comfortable with. In exchange you will receive free accommodation and food.

HelpX is offered all around the world and certain cities participate in it more than others so you can be selective in who you choose to have help you, or who you go and help. Remember, all you need to travel for free is your passport and a sense of adventure!


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