Is Fastport Passport a Legitimate Service?

steven-fox-fastport-passport-un-awardFastport Passport was recently recognized as a Top 100 Company Started by Young Entrepreneurs at the 2014 Empact Showcase. This prestigious award was issued at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC. Founder and President Steven Fox was present at the award ceremony. We are very proud to work with such a highly esteemed and trusted organization. Congratulations to Fastport Passport for their decade-plus of expediting U.S. passports nationwide!

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If you need a passport fast, you only have two options. The first option is to call a Regional Passport Agency if you live in a major city and can get an appointment before your trip date. Otherwise, the only other way to get a passport fast (or faster!) is to use a trusted, U.S. State Dept registered, private expediting agency. Fastport Passport is the leader in expediting passports nationwide. For over ten years, Fastport Passport has secured hundreds of thousands of passports faster than any other service. So the answer to your question: “Is Fastport Passport a Legitimate Service?”


Fastport Passport has the highest ratings in the industry and has been featured on many sites, blogs, reviews, and news outlets. Social media is arguably one of the most important aspects of a business today, and since people speak freely and honestly on all the different avenues, it’s best to check thoroughly. Review Fastport Passport reviews on YelpTrustpilotFacebook, and even sites like the L.A. Times!

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“You can get a passport from the State Department in less than its four- to six-week waiting period by using its expedited service. Last week the wait time for the expedited passport was two to three weeks.

Need it sooner than that? You can make an appointment at the Los Angeles Passport Agency, whose rules say its appointments are for those who need their passport in less than two weeks or need a passport within four weeks for a visa. The number for the automated appointment system is (877) 487-2778. When I called (anonymously) at about noon on Monday, I could get an appointment for 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Need it sooner than that? It may be time to call on a passport expediter. When I caught up with Steven Fox, the president of, based in New York, he was working on a passport for a Los Angeles client who had sent it to the company overnight. It was processed through the Philadelphia Passport Agency and was being returned that same day so the client could go to London the next day.”

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Which passport do I need?

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