Express Passport Service

Express Passport Service comes in many different speeds. Normal processing times for a passport can take up to 6 weeks or longer. Faster express passport services can be as fast as 24 hours. The speeds and prices all depend on how fast exactly you need your passport.


How Fast is Express Passport Service?

Express Passport Services start at 3 weeks, which is provided at your local post office. This method is not guaranteed, but it is usually the faster way to get a passport. Getting your passport even faster is possible. Expedited services exist that can get your passport in 24 hours if you need.


How Much is Express Passport Service?

The cost of express passport service varies. The government fees for express passport services is an additional $60. Usually this fee will provide you with express three week passport service. If you need a passport faster than three weeks, consider using a private expediting service. Fastport Passport has been providing express passport services for over 10 years to hundreds of thousands of US citizens nationwide. Fastport Passport can secure your passport as fast as 24 hours. Their fees range from $149 for two week express passport service and go all the way up to $379 for same day miracle service.


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