Express Birth Certificate


If you are applying for a new passport or a child passport, you will need to order your birth certificate if you do not have it. The birth certificate is used as the proof of citizenship. Ordering an Express Birth Certificate will be the fastest way to get your vital document in your hands. This is a requirement for the U.S. Passport application process.


Order Your Express Birth Certificate Here


Don’t let a missing, lost, or stolen birth certificate delay your passport application. Order your express birth certificate to ensure your passport application is processed on time.

The most common document that acts as primary proof of United States citizenship is a certified long form birth certificate. It must have a county, state or state seal that is raised, multicolored or embossed. Birth certificates must list the full name of at least one parent. The registrar’s signature must be present, as well as the date that they registered the certificate. This date must be within one year of birth, which may be an issue for applicants that are adopted, as they typically have delayed birth certificates. You can also request an expedited long form birth certificate here.


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