Expedited Passport Services

Expedited Passport Services

Expedited Passport Service Overview:

In this section, we are advising our users how to apply for Expedited Passport Service. This will cover expedited services for all passport types. We will review where to apply for the service and what documents are needed to get your passport processed fast. This is more expensive when applying for a routine passport, but you can still get an expedited passport at your local passport acceptance agency. We will list the options below so you can make sure you get your passport on time, but remember even if you pay more money you still have to follow all the document requirements set forth by the U.S. Department Of State. All passport services are available for expedite, but the question is where do you go to get it done right the first time. There will be three options to choose from.

Using the Post Office or County Clerk for expedited services:

The post office is a good option to apply for a fast passport if you are traveling after four weeks as their Expedited Passport Service you have to appear in person at the local acceptance agency after you get an appointment. Once you appear at the post office, they will review your documents either for a new passport or a renewal and send your documents directly to the national passport agency requesting expedited service. The application will always pay an additional sixty dollars for the passport agency to even review your documents for the fast service. You can expect your passport to be priority mailed back to you after you pay for this shipping service in about 2-4 weeks depending on the season and assuming you have followed the instructional checklist. If there is anything wrong with your passport application the passport agency will mail you a suspense letter stating what is wrong with your application within the 2-4 week period. Should you have a denial letter, you will have to comply with the request, and this will delay your application even more.

Apply for expedited passport service with a local acceptance agency

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Using the Regional Passport Agency for expedited services:

The regional agencies accommodate international travelers who need a passport or passport card if you have imminent travel. You must prove you are traveling within the next 14 days or 30 days, and a visa is required. There are over 22 regional agencies located in various states around the nation. Yes, we have a complete list of all agencies so don’t worry. Here is the catch you must make an appointment to schedule an in-person meeting with the agency and on your appointment day you will have to appear in person with all the required documents for your passport type. The good news is if you pass the muster you will be issued your expedited passport probably the same day or they will tell you to come back to pick up your passport the following day. The regional agency advises applicants to appear 15 minutes before their appointment, but our recommendation is to appear 45 minutes in advance because you still have to go through security. No knives, food allowed so make sure you are well fed because you will be spending a few hours at the regional passport agency. This is a great option if you can take off of work and you are in dire straights or have a very complicated passport situation. Also, if your passport was in process with a post office at the national passport agency and you have issued a suspense letter your only option is to appear in person at the regional agency. You cannot apply again for another passport.

Apply for expedited passport service with a regional passport agency

Using a Registered Courier Service for Expedited Passport Service:

The last option for expedited passport services is contracting with a registered passport courier service also know as a passport expeditor. These companies are located nationwide and have been expediting passports as far back as 1976 or maybe even earlier. It is recommended to contract a courier service when you cannot appear at a regional passport agency, or the agency does not have an appointment for you or it’s past your travel date. Some people use these services just because they don’t want to go to a passport agency due to work or family obligations. This is a very viable option to get an expedited passport, but you will pay a service fee on top of the government fee. Some agencies services fees start at $79 and can go up to $399 or more depending on the speed of service selected. We have documented a few passport expediting services we have reviewed and can favorably recommend, as they a high rated with the better business bureau and various review sites, with real customer experiences.

Apply for expedited passport service with a registered passport expeditor.

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