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Fast Second Duplicate Passport

Second Duplicate Passport

Fast Second Duplicate Passport Overview

The Fast Second Duplicate Passport Service is available only for applicants that have a current valid passport and need another passport for extenuating circumstances. Generally, a traveler needs a second duplicate passport in order to submit their current passport for a visa. Sometimes a traveler’s current passport has visas in it that may prevent them from traveling to another country. There are a few different ways to secure your second duplicate passport quickly. Each has its pros and cons. We will explore each of the options here so you can make an informed decision on expediting your passport in time for your trip. You can expedite through the post office, a private service, or through a regional agency. Additional fees will apply for expedited service ($60 on top of the routine fees of $110).

Expedite Second Duplicate Passport through Post Office

The first way we will discuss is the slowest ‘expedited’ option. You can expedite the Fast Second Duplicate Passport Service through the Post Office. This method takes 2-3 weeks but it is not guaranteed. You can visit your local acceptance agent or the U.S. State Department’s website for more information. To find your local passport acceptance agent that can expedite a fast passport, please click here.

Registered Passport Courier Service

Another option is to apply for an expedited Fast Second Duplicate Passport through a U.S. State Department-registered service. This process takes two weeks or less, even as quick as 24 hours if necessary. There are many Expedited Passport Services. You should make sure you read the reviews of each company to determine which one is best for you. Reputation goes a long way with Registered Passport Courier Services. Additional fees will apply.

Regional Passport Agency

Lastly, you can also make an appointment directly through a Regional Passport Agency if you are near a major city with an office. The Regional Passport Agency often requires an appointment so you will need to call ahead first. The main issue is that you must live in or near a major U.S. city with a Regional Passport Agency. Also you often need to get an appointment. Many travelers find the appointment process difficult to manage. Additionally, you must have confirmed travel plans in the next 5 days. However if there are no available appointments, then you may have to travel to another Agency. Regional Passport Agencies are only located in select major cities. If you are able to find a location that has walk-in hours, be sure to show up early as the lines can be long.

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