How to Expedite a Passport


How to Expedite a Passport

If you need a passport fast, you don’t have many options. You can expedite a passport three different ways. In this post, we will explain how to expedite a passport and help you review which option is best for you.

Option #1

The first way is the slowest expedite option. You would pay a government expedite fee of $60 on top of the government passport fee. This option takes around 3 weeks and is done through the Post Office. This option has no guarantee. Routine passport processing take 4-6 weeks, so you can use this option if you need it slightly faster than normal processing.

Option #2

The second passport expedite option is to get an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency. This government office is located in most major cities. If you live near a major city, and you can get an appointment at the agency within the time frame of your trip, this option may be for you. Remember though, many agencies have appointments on a limited basis, so call around first. Expedited passport fees will still apply. This option is also not guaranteed.

Option #3
The third and final passport expedite option is to use a trusted Passport Expeditor Service. A passport expeditor can guarantee their services, which means if need to expedite a passport fast, this may be the best option for you. To expedite a passport through a passport expeditor service, you will need to have confirmed travel plans within the next two weeks. If you need to expedite a passport renewal, no travel plans are needed. Travel plans are required for new passport expedite requests, all child passport expedite requests, and to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged passport expedite request. The passport expeditor charges an additional fee that is separate from the government fee, so you only need this service if you need to expedite a passport in two weeks or less.


Those are the three ways to expedite a passport. If you still have any questions about how to expedite a passport, feel free to call us at 877-910-7277 or click the chat box in the lower right hand corner. We are here to help you get your passport fast.







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