How to Expedite a Passport

How to Expedite a Passport

Expedite a PassportIf you need a passport fast, you don’t have many options. In fact, you can expedite a passport 3 different ways.

In this post, we will explain how to expedite a passport and help you review which option is best for you.

Option #1

The first way is the slowest expediting option. You would pay a government expedite fee of $60 on top of the government passport fee.

This option takes around 3 weeks through the Post Office. and offers no guarantees whatsoever. Routine passport processing take 4-6 weeks, so  can use this option if you do not need it any faster than normal processing.

Option #2

Next, the second option to expedite a passport starts with an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency. You’ll find these passport agencies in major cities.

If you live near one and can get an appointment before your trip, it is a good option. However, this option is not guaranteed. Many agencies offer appointments on a limited basis, so call around first. Also, expedited passport fees will still apply.

Option #3

Finally, the third and final passport expediting option is a trusted Passport Expeditor Service. A passport expeditor can guarantee its services, which means it may be your best option if you need to expedite a passport fast.

To expedite a passport through a passport expeditor service, you must have confirmed travel plans within the next 2 weeks. You must have travel plans for:

  • New passports
  • All child passports
  • Replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged passports

Moreover, you do not need travel plans for expediting a passport renewal,

NOTE: The passport expeditor will charge an additional fee in addition to the government fee. So, you only need to go with this service for expediting a passport in 2 weeks or less.

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