How to Enjoy a Short Layover in Dubai

For travelers heading from the West to the East, you’ll likely be flying over the Middle East. Many travelers end up with a short layover in Dubai, which can be turned into quite a fun little adventure!

Enjoy a Short Layover in Dubai

Dubai is located in The United Arab Emirates, an oil-wealthy nation of the Middle East. It’s primary draw for tourists is in the shopping, boasting over 70 malls including the largest mall in the world. If you have a short layover, you may as well make it an adventure. You can easily make it from the airport to the city center in less than an hour. We recommend that with any layovers of 6 hours or more, you will have enough time to visit the sights of Dubai.

Head from the airport into the city. You can easily see most of the major sights of Dubai in an afternoon. You can check out the Burj Khalifa, which is currently the world’s tallest building. You can also find the Burj Al Arab, which claims to be the world’s only seven star hotel in the world. If you’re more interested in the culture, Dubai is the home of a rich Arab and Bedouin culture. You can visit many souqs, or open-air markets that host an authentic Middle East experience.


One thing every traveler passing through Dubai should see is the indoor ski runs. Yes, that’s right. You can ski indoors, in a mall, in the middle of a desert. They even claim to have a black diamond run, though we can confidently report firsthand that it’s not quite a black diamond worthy of the Rockies. Regardless, we highly recommend skiing in the desert. It’s one of our favorite memories!

Whether you spend your time wandering the malls, skiing, or soaking up the sun in the open air markets, Dubai can be a worthwhile layover for any type of traveler. Enjoy your short layover in Dubai. Escape the airport and hit the city! You won’t be disappointed!


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