enhanced drivers license

Enhanced Drivers License

Enhanced Drivers Licenses are only offered in 4 states: Washington, Michigan, Vermont, and New York. The Enhanced Drivers License is issued by the state as a proof of identity and U.S. citizenship. The Enhanced Drivers License is issued with additional security and uses new technology that makes travel easier. It can be used to travel by land or sea to Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. This is similar to a passport card, however the passport card is available to U.S. citizens in every state.
The Enhanced Drivers License is for a cheaper alternative to enter and exit the U.S. at land and sea borders. Because it also serves as a drivers license, it can be more versatile than the passport card.

The Enhanced Drivers License uses RFID technology. This technology allows for a chip to signal a secure system. This system is encrypted with your biographic information and biometric data. The border guard will be able to process you through the border faster.


The Enhanced Drivers License is accepted at 95% of land border crossings. 


Enhanced Drivers License Privacy Protection

No personal information is stored on the Enhanced Drivers License RFID chip. It can not be transmitted electronically by the card. The card uses a unique identification number connected to information stored in a secure Department of Homeland Security database.

The enhanced drivers license comes with information on how to use, carry, and keep your license safe. It also comes with a shield sleeve that keeps the license safe from anyone who tries to read the RFID information.

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