Emergency Passport Renewal

passport2You have a few options for an Emergency Passport Renewal. Only certain passport applicants are eligible for a passport renewal, however we will go over each option and process so you can get your emergency passport fast. Routine passport processing takes 4-6 weeks, but an emergency passport renewal can be completed in 2 weeks or less. If you received your passport when you were 16 or older, then your passport can be renewed quite easily. Using a trusted passport expeditor, you can get an emergency passport renewal in 24 hours.

Order Expedited Passport Service

Click here for the Expedited Emergency Passport Renewal Instructions

If you received your passport when you were 15 or younger, unfortunately it cannot be renewed. The child (minor) passport is considered a new minor passport application each time. If you are now 16 or older, you must apply for a new adult passport. However, you can still get an emergency passport fast, though the process is a little different for a child passport or a first time adult passport. Click here for the Instructional Checklists.


Emergency Passport Renewal is a simple process. Download the documents and send them to Fastport Passport for fast processing. They’ll get the passport made as fast as you need it and overnight it back to you. Guaranteed.

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