Apply for a Children’s Passport: DS-5525 Passport Form

DS-5525 Passport Form

The DS-5525 Passport Form for a child passport comes with many special instructions. Also, there are no renewal applications for a child passport. Each time, you must apply for a children’s passports as a new minor passport application.

Importantly, both parents/guardians must be present at the passport acceptance facility with the child or minor applicant.

DS-5525 Passport FormOne Parent Not Available for Children’s Passport Application?

To apply for a child passport without one parent or guardian, you must provide a notarized written statement (or affidavit) from both parents or guardians. In short, your statement authorizes the third party to apply for a minor’s passport.

Apply for a Children’s Passport: DS-5525 Passport Form

To apply for a children’s passport, you will need parental consent. In other words, your parents (or guardians) must accompany you. Otherwise, you must provide a notarized DS-5525 Passport Form.

Additional DS-5525 Passport Form Tips

  1. Complete the form to the best of your ability and provide as much detail as possible.
  2. If you are not completely sure about a question, answer to the best of your knowledge.
  3. When you do not have an answer to a question, you may write, “I do not know.”
  4. If you run out of space, you may attach a separate sheet of paper.

Lastly, you must use the DS-5525 Passport Form when one parent or guardian who is listed on the birth certificate is not available to give consent for a child minor passport.

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