Do I qualify for an expedited passport?

See below for an answer to, “Do I qualify for an expedited passport?”

Do I qualify for an expedited passport?

It can be stressful when you realize your passport is expiring, and you have a trip right around the corner. Or, maybe you didn’t realize ALL minors need passports, including infants and newborns. Whatever the case may be, a passport is required for all U.S. citizens who travel overseas.

Though, the expediting process will vary depending on the type of passport:

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Other Disqualifications

Here are other disqualifications from applying for an expedited U.S. Passport. You CANNOT:

  • Be on probation
  • Owe more than 25,000 dollars in child support
  • Have a warrant out for your arrest
  • Have a summon to appear in court
  • Be currently in jail
Applying for your First Passport?

When you apply for your first passport, you must be a U.S. citizen and:

    • Older than 16 years old and have never had a U.S. Passport before.
    • Younger than 16 years old when your passport was issued.
    • Have not obtained a U.S. Passport in more than 15 years.

Moreover, see New Passport Processing and Passports for Infants & Minors to learn more about the passport application process.

How to Order an Expedited Passport

Provided that you’re eligible for an expedited passport, you have 2 options:

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Do I qualify for an expedited passport?

Do You Qualify for a Fast Passport?














Do I qualify for an expedited passport?

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