Do I Need an International Drivers License?

Many travelers enjoy the freedom of the open road, even when they are abroad. But did you know that you may need more than just your drivers license to legally operate a vehicle overseas? An international drivers license, or more commonly called an international driving permit, is a document that will grant you permission to drive internationally. The IDP is a translation of your valid U.S. drivers license. Holding the IDP is highly recommended if you plan on driving overseas.

Do I Need an International Drivers License?

international drivers license

Do you need an international drivers license just to travel overseas? No. You will need a valid passport and you may need a visa depending on your travel destination and plans. But if you plan on driving a car overseas, regardless of the destination, you should consider picking up an IDP before you go.

How do I get an International Drivers License?

If you think you will rent a car while traveling overseas, you should get an international drivers license. The International Driving Permit is provided by AAA, however you can also utilize a private service to help you get the IDP. If you do not live near a AAA location or you wish to expedite the processing, a private service like Fastport Passport can help. Click here to place your order for your international driving permit. You can get your IDP in 2 days or less.

  1. Complete the International Drivers Permit application. Click Here for Application
  2. Submit one passport-type photo.
  3. Submit a photocopy of your driver’s license (front and back).
  4. Scan and send us the documents by email:

Can I use an International Driving License in the USA?

No. The International Driving License (or International Driving Permit) is not valid for use in the USA. It is simply a translation of your US Drivers License. But if you don’t have any international drivers license, you can still enjoy some great road trips around the United States. Check out RoadTrippers for more info on some of the best road trips in the US, and best of all- no passport, visas, or international drivers license is needed!

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