District of Columbia Passport Offices List

There are two options to get a passport Washington DC: Expedited (rush fast service) and Routine Passport Processing.

Expedited passport services in Washington DC can secure your passport in two weeks or less, even as fast as 24 hours if necessary. This may require confirmed travel plans, so please review the Instructions for Expedited Passport Service.

Routine passport processing takes 4-6 weeks. Please scroll below for the local offices. You may be able to request 3 week expedited service at the offices listed below.

You can get a passport fast through a Registered Passport Expediting Service. An expediting agency can secure your passport in two weeks or less, even as fast as 24 hours if necessary. You can expedite a passport through a registered expediting service. Click here for more information. You can also make an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency.


District of Columbia Passport Offices List is the complete list of passport acceptance agencies in Washington DC.


USPS Ben Franklin Post Office1200 Pennsylvania Ave NWWashingtonDC20004(202) 523-2386
USPS Brightwood Post Office6323 Georgia Ave NWWashingtonDC20011(202) 726-8119
USPS Cleveland Park Post Office3430 Connecticut Ave NWWashingtonDC20008(202) 523-2396
USPS Frederick Douglass Post Office2833 Alabama Ave SEWashingtonDC20020(202) 842-4959
USPS Friendship Post Office4005 Wisconsin Ave NWWashingtonDC20016(202) 523-2143
USPS Joseph Cureseen/Thomas Morris P&DC900 Brentwood Rd NEWashingtonDC20018(202) 636-2130
USPS National Capitol Station2 Massachusetts Ave NWWashingtonDC20001(202) 523-2368
USPS Southeast Station600 Pennsylvania Ave SEWashingtonDC20003(202) 523-2174
USPS Washington Square Station1050 Connecticut Ave NWWashingtonDC20036(202) 842-3632
Notary Commissions & Authenications Office441 4th Street NW RM 810SWashington D.C.DC20001
USPS Cannon Post Office25 Independence Ave SEWashington D.C.DC20515(202) 226-5408
USPS Capitol Post OfficeUS Captiol BLDG RM. HT-1Washington D.C.DC20515(202) 226-5420
USPS Georgetown Post Office1215 31st St NWWashington D.C.DC20007(202) 523-2406
USPS Southwest Station45 L St SWWashington D.C.DC20024(202) 523-2590
USPS Twentieth Street Station2001 M St NWWashington D.C.DC20036(202) 523-2411


District of Columbia Passport Offices List

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