Learn About Defensive Driving

Also referred to as the 6-Hour Class or Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP)

Defensive Driving is recommended when getting behind the wheel of any car at any age. This 6-Hour online course saves you at least 10% off your auto insurance policy per year for three years, depending on which state you are insured in and it also reduces points off your driving record. Sorry but if you don’t have points on your driving record when you complete the course you will not receive a point reduction. In the event that you get a moving violation after completing the course you can take it again in 18 months and receive a point reduction at that time. (Check with your state DMV)  Regardless, the best practice on the road is superior knowledge and lots of practice in defensive driving. We especially recommend this course for new drivers. In order to understand what it entails to be a good driver and avoid moving violations and any harmful crashes. The defensive driving course covers many aspects of the driving experience.   From driving tools to help you survive the drive; plus ways to make driving more economical.

defensive driving class improv traffic school

We have partnered with Improv Traffic School at http://www.myimprov.com for registration and completion of this on-line program. Their course curriculum hit home with our user base as they focus on keeping it “light” for the best user experience but have  meaningful content, to make sure it works for you. We also made sure that they are competitively priced and give excellent customer service.  That’s why “we’re on the road to put you on the road”.

defensive driving class improv traffic school

defensive driving class improv traffic school

Defensive driving courses are also called traffic school. Driving school is usually approved and licensed by your local state DMV. The DMV may also be called the MVA, OMV, MVD, DPS, or SOS. Please contact them directly for further assistance. 

Defensive driving courses are usually designed to help you dismiss a traffic ticket, reduce driving record points, and lower car insurance premiums. 

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