Costa Rica Surf Trip

Read below to learn about taking a Costa Rica Surf Trip.

Costa Rica Surf Trip, Passport, Visas

So you’re finally planning a surf trip to Costa Rica? If it’s your first international surf trip or you are a regular to the beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula, you can expect great waves, warm water, peaceful locals, delicious and cheap food, and endless surf.

Costa Rica is a great surf trip destination because it has a peaceful, relatively uncorrupt government, and there are always good waves to be found.

Don’t listen to the hype that it’s been overcrowded for 10 years. Sure, it’s not a desolate wasteland. But if you want simple, mellow waves in a good atmosphere, Costa Rica is waiting for you.

Traveling to Costa Rica

Costa Rica takes a simple, affordable flight from anywhere in the United States. For Americans, it’s a great place for a surf trip. The Costa Rican motto for life is ‘Pura Vida, which means ‘pure life.’ You’ll find Costa Ricans, or Ticos as they call themselves, are generally happy-go-lucky people.

Costa Rica Surf Trip

You won’t need a visa, but you will need a valid U.S. Passport and proof of onward travel or proof of a plane ticket home.

When you leave Costa Rica, you will have to pay $29. But since there are no visa fees, you’ll be pleased to pay that.

Once you land in San Jose, you’ll likely want to catch a small plane to Tamarindo or take a cheap but long bus to the west coast. There are waves everywhere on the west coast. But check the swells and season, as the north fires on different times than the south.

Waves in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very easy place to travel. Many veterans suggest this a Costa Rica Surf Trip for beginner surf travelers. The quality of waves apply to all skill levels, so prepare for barrels and for mellow little rolling longboard waves. You don’t need to bring your quiver, as boards are cheap and easy to get there.

You may want to bring your own board or two if you are particularly picky as you never know what you’ll get once you arrive. Another option is to sell your board when you leave if you don’t want to pay for the oversized baggage fee. You’ll likely be able to sell it for a fair price, too.

Remember to get your passport for your trip. If you need a passport within 24 hours, Fastport Passport can help. They’ve been helping surfers chase waves for more than ten years, so you can trust them to help you make your trip happen. For additional help, feel free to contact us by email.

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