Why Choose Fastport Passport Expedited Services

Fastport Passport Expedited ServicesNo one loves to wait in line for hours just to apply for a passport and end up waiting again for days for it to arrive. Waiting in line is a big hassle and causes high stress. Thankfully, there are Fastport Passport Expedited Services.

The stress while you wait for your passport to arrive when you need it immediately is just frustrating. The whole process is very time-consuming.

Today, there are options for faster processing of your passport and documents. Fastpost Passport expedited services could be just what you need. You can now process the time-consuming passport application in a short period of time.

About Fastport Passport

Fastport Passport has a license with the U.S. Passport Agencies. It is a private company in New York, Philadelphia, Houston and Boston that assists citizens with the travel documents they need.

As an authorized passport expeditor, Fastport Passport can provide documents and process U.S. passports and visas as fast as 24 hrs.

Fastport Passport Expedited Services

To begin, choose from the different Fastport Passport Expedited Services. Since it is an expediting process, you need to have an international departure plan within the next 14 to 30 days (if the country requires a visa). Here are some other ways Fastport Passport can help.

  • New U.S. Passport – applicable to adults, 16 years old and older, applying for a passport for the first time or those who already had a previous passport while still a minor.
  • Passport Renewal – a passport’s validity is 5 years so you have to renew your passport before the validity ends or you can apply for renewal earlier.
  • Child Passport – children below 16 years of age fall under this category.
  • Name Change – applicable when there is a change in your name (example: when a woman gets married or divorced).
  • Lost or Stolen Passport – when your passport is stolen, lost or damaged.
  • Add Pages – when you run out of pages in your U.S. passport.
  • Second Duplicate Passport – it enables you to travel with a second passport while your other U.S. passport at home.

Customer Reviews

Fastport Passport is a lifesaver!”

Customers say the checklist of requirements is easy to follow and appreciate the efforts of its representatives.

Applicants were happy since the company was able to provide the needed travel documents in the given time frame. Most were thankful for the services of the company and claim what they paid was worth it. At first, they were skeptical to use the services in the beginning since expedited passports aren’t yet popular. However, its staff proved to them they have made the right choice.

They had no issues with the all the Fastport Passport Expedited Services they experienced from the beginning of the application. This includes the corrections and other processes. They would also recommend Fastport Passport and use Fasport Passport for future transactions.

Clients highly recommend and appreciate the efforts of its employees because they go the extra mile. The staff are polite and knowledgeable, and able to immediately settle concerns of the customers.

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