Cheap European Flights with Ryan Air

ryan air cheap flights europeEurope’s number 1 airline boasts its unblemished 32-year safety record, incomparable low prices, and operating in 33 countries. Though Ryanair has been making subtle changes in their policies throughout recent years and is nearly infamous for these changes as they can result in hefty fines for travelers.

In 2017 alone Ryanair has made several price changes that should be noted by travelers. They have increased the charge for airport check-in to $58/ €50 / £50 if passengers forget to do so. In the past, this fee was $18/ €15.

In addition, Ryanair has announced a new update. The budget airline has announced that they are canceling about 50 flights a day over the course of the next six weeks as a result of an accident with planning their pilot’s vacation time.

Through the end of October Ryanair is scheduled to cancel between 40-50 flights each day, though they are doing their best to be transparent with customers. Travelers are offered either a rebook or a refund for their travel if their journey is affected. Ryanair operates over 2,000 flights daily and this mishap only effects less than 2% of its flights by the cancellations. Check here for Ryan Air cancellations.


RyanAir’s New Baggage Policy

Another recent change in RyanAir’s policies are in regards to their carry-on baggage allowance and will go into effect 1 November 2017. The airline will no longer allow two free bags per passenger in the cabin of the flight because they reported that there was not enough overhead cabin space. This overcrowding was said to cause flight delays.

Instead, each traveler is only allowed one small bag, but if they choose to check in a bag the price will also be lowered to accommodate and continue to provide a budget travel experience. Customers who travel as priority passengers will continue to be allowed two free bags.

Passport & Visa Information

Ryanair is the generally the cheapest way to connect you to all the locations you want to travel to in Europe as they operate in 33 countries from over 200 airports! The airline is constantly changing in hopes to improve their services offered. Americans looking for an inexpensive trip from European country to country should be familiar with Ryanair.

In the Schengen area, Americans are allowed up to 90 days of visa-free travel as they are recognized as tourists due to the agreement between the countries. Therefore, if you have a valid U.S. passport you can travel throughout Europe, short term, without a visa. Each country has their own rules regarding visa requirements and this should be double checked on ‘s website.

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