The Certified Passport Record

rp_IMG_0076-300x300.jpgNeed to get a certified passport record? It’s easy! You’ll need to send a notarized request letter with a few required pieces of information. Read below for more details how to get a certified passport record right away!

What is on a certified passport record?

The certified passport record is often used as evidence of citizenship. It consists of documents submitted during your passport application, however it does not include evidence of travel. It only provides the application submitted and documents submitted. It  does not show the passport number or issue date.

How do you order one ?

It’s easy to order your certified passport record. You will need to include a typed notarized letter using your name at birth and include:
The date place of birth
Current mailing address
Current day time phone number
Reason for request
Estimated dates passport was issued or passport number.
Submit copy of identification
Pay the fee of $50
Mail in to : us dos office of law enforcement liaison division
44132 Mercure circle.
PO BOx 1227 sterling VA 20166-1227

Why do you need a certified passport record?

According to USA Today, savvy travelers also carry a certified passport copy, which streamlines the replacement process in case the original is lost while traveling. Most people will request a certified passport record if they are applying for a replacement passport and want to use it as proof of citizenship. Also, some people want them for historical purposes or for genealogical purposes.
The U.S. Passport Services maintains records of passport applications from 1925 through to the present day. If you would like to request a copy of your passport records, the records of your minor’s passport, or the records of someone for whom you have their specific written consent, you can secure them through the Passport Services. These records are of applications submitted for the issuance of a passport or other records such as a Consular Report of Birth, a Certificate of Witness to Marriage, a Certificate of Loss of Nationality, or a Consular Report of Death.  Passport records are protected by the Privacy Act of 1974 and do not include evidence of travel such as entrance/exit stamps, visas, and residence permits.
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