Can’t Get an Appointment at a Passport Office

Can't Get an Appointment at a Passport OfficeUnless you a renewing a valid passport, you will need to visit a passport office for a new passport. New passports, child passports (minor passports, and replacing a lost passport, damaged passport, or stolen passport all require a visit to a Passport Acceptance Facility. This Passport Office will verify the identity of the applicant. There is no way to bypass this requirement. If you can’t get an appointment at a passport office, you will not be able to get a passport.


What to do if you can’t get an appointment at a passport office?

You only have three options:
Get an appointment at a Regional Passport Office or
Find another acceptance facility near you that either does not require an appointment or
Find one that can give you an appointment.


We recommend calling as many passport acceptance facilities near you if you need the appointment fast. Many offices do not require an appointment, so call around. Can’t Get an Appointment at a Passport Office? Keep trying and expand your search. This step is required so you will need to find a local passport acceptance agent near you.


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