How to Avoid Travel Scams

Travel scams can turn any dream vacation into a horrible nightmare. But rarely is it ever completely disastrous. And even more comforting, most travel scams can be avoided by simply knowing about them first.


How to Avoid Travel Scams

Sure, you can do the common tourist tricks like purchase a money belt, or keep your money in a few different locations (like your shoes, a bag, a hidden pocket, your wallet, and a back up wallet). But that can be obvious at best, and worst, terribly confusing. So what are some other tips and tricks you can do to prevent becoming the victim of a travel tourist scam?

Tourist scams come in all different types, sizes, and strategies. Surprisingly, many are repeated in different locations around the world. Simply being aware of the different types of travel scams may help spare your pain and embarrassment of falling prey to these scams!

Some of the common travel scams include the Friendship Bracelet, Girlfriend Rose, Rosemary Gypsy, and Mixtape handout scams. These scams end where they pressure you for payment and you feel guilty or overwhelmed and simply want the experience to end so you give in and give money.

The Found Ring, English Translation Request, Photo Request, Thrown Baby, and Dropped Wallet travel scam are all examples of pickpocketing tactics.

There are so many other types of scams. Fortunately Just the Flight put together a huge visual list of the top 40 most common travel scams with brief explanations. Give this a read before your next trip and you may avoid being the target of a travel tourist scam!

Click the image for a full size breakdown of the most common travel scams via Just the Flight.

How to Avoid Travel Scams

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