Apply for a Children’s Passport: DS-5525 Passport Form

The application for a child passport is filled with many caveats. There are no renewal applications for a child passport. Each time you must apply for children’s passports as a new minor passport application. There are also many special instructions that pertain to the children’s passport process. Both parents or guardians must be present at the acceptance agent with the children, child, minor applicant. If one of the parents or guardians cannot be present, they must submit a notarized consent form, also known as DS-3053. If the parent or guardian is not able to give consent because they are incarcerated or not in the picture, the DS-5525 form must be used.


Apply for a Children’s Passport: DS-5525 Passport Form

To apply for a children’s passport, you will need parental consent. That means the parents (or guardians) must be present, and if they cannot be present, their consent is required. If they cannot be located, you will need to complete the DS-5525 Passport Form. The DS-5525 form is used when one parent or guardian that is listed on the birth certificate is not available to give consent for a child minor passport.

For more information how How to Complete the DS-5525 Passport Form, please click the link here.


Fastport Passport DS5525 chilrens passport

Fastport Passport

Apply for a Children’s Passport: DS-5525 Passport Form

The DS-5525 Statement of Special Family Circumstances Passport Form may also be obtained at the US State Dept website.

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