American Passport Options

fppp2The are many options to get an American Passport. Where are you located? How fast do you need a passport? Once you know where to go, and what you need, you’re ready to get your passport. There are certain documents that are required in order to get an American passport. You will need proof of identity and proof of citizenship. If you need your American passport fast and you want to expedite the rush processing, you may need proof of travel plans as well. You can apply for your American passport in all 50 states. Click the map below for more about routine and expedited passport options in your state.

Passport Services by State


There are two ways to get your American passport: routine processing and expedited service. Each state offers routine passport processing and expedited passport service. Routine processing times usually take 4-6 weeks, though sometimes even longer. Expedited service usually starts at 3 weeks and can be expedited as fast as 24 hours/ same day. For more information on American passport services by state, click the map above. Please make sure you follow the instructions carefully. Any errors on your application may delay your passport processing. If you are currently overseas and you need passport assistance, you should visit your local American Embassy or Consulate.

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