50+ Strange Foods from Around the World

50+ Strange Foods from Around the World One of the best parts of traveling is trying new foods from around the world. We’ve compiled over 50 of the most unusual, strangest, and weirdest foods to date! Have you ever had a Pizza flavored slushee, or a pancake flavored drink? How about a spicy tomato filled donut? Bacon flavored mints? Check out 50+ of the strangest foods from around the world!

We were definitely surprised at some of the food options we came across during our research! Yogurt & mint flavored Doritos, Cappuccino flavored Pepsi, Pork & Seaweed Donuts, and chocolate quesadillas are just some of the weird ones that impressed us. Strange packaged foods seemed to be on the increase as well, which makes for some exciting travel opportunities! Enjoy the slideshow of 50+ Strange Foods from Around the World!
strange foods from around the world
strange foods from around the world
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