5 Reasons You Need To Visit Munich’s Englischer Gartens

5 Reasons You Need To Visit Munich’s Englischer Gartens

As one of the largest urban city parks, Munich’s Englischer Garten without a doubt rivals other European parks such as Hyde Park, and even American parks like Central Park. These types of parks are a ‘must see’ on a tourists list of free activities, but what makes Munich’s park stand out? We will explore the 5 reasons you need to visit Munich’s Englischer Gartens. So grab your passport since no visa is needed for travel to Germany!

5 Reasons You Need To Visit Munich’s Englischer Gartens

Munich’s Englischer Gartens 1.) Visit one of Munich’s oldest beer garden

Spend a few moments winding around the trails of the garden until the Chinesischer Turm is spotted and you’ll find the beer garden. Visitors from all around come to the center of the Englischer Gartens to drink the Lowenbrau beer and to listen to the traditional brass bands who play live on Sundays.

unnamed (2) 2.) River Surfing in Germany

If your visit falls within the warm summer months (or maybe plan to do so) to watch the more than 100 practicing suffers shred the the Eisbach, a small channel of the Isar River that runs through the park each day. There are also lots of bridges you can walk over and watch people flow down the rivers quick current! If you like to take things slow you can follow the river outwards as it slows down to a nice shallow stream good for any aged dip into the refreshing water. This is a fairly famous ‘surf destination’ for hardcore surfers, so you may even get a chance to see some pros out there in the lineup!

unnamed (1)3.) Feel Like a Local

From the local musicians playing sporadically, the random little tables selling beers, the students getting some fresh air, to the people zooming past on bikes the Englisch Gartens are a location where you enter and leave the whirling world of tourism behind. Bring a blanket or just lie on the grass for a while to appreciate the beauty!

4.) Explore the Residenz

At the beginning of the gardens sits the Munich’s Residenz which once housed the Bavarian dukes, electors and kings from 1508 to 1918. This massive historic building serves as a grand welcome into the unforgettable gardens.

5.) Munich’s Englischer Gartens Are Free!

Above all wonderful reasons to visit the gardens it is free of cost! Whether visitors are stopping in to have a picnic for lunch or they’re looking to spend all day on a cheap budget the Englisch Gartens is the place to be! Although it attracts many people, the gardens are so large that you can choose to either by surrounded by hundreds of people or to simply have some intimate alone time. This experience is unlike any other.

So leave the noise of the city behind and spend some time at the Englisch Gardens next time you’re in Munich! And if you haven’t yet checked out our other posts on Travel Tips for Germany, check them out here:

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