5 Passport Processing Myths – Debunked

In September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked the United States and since then, the government has put in place several security measures. One of them is that everybody must carry a passport while traveling o the country. This is a similar requirement when a U.S. citizen is traveling to another country.

It is better to apply for your passport two months before the travel date because this will reduce the rush during the last minute, but there are several myths that surround the passport application process. Let’s look at these myths and find out why they are not true.

No Such Thing As Expedited Passport Services

Some people believe that it always takes months to get your passport. This is not true as you can get a passport quickly through expedited passport service. You will only be required to pay an additional fee. It may take expedited service about two to three weeks to be delivered to you though. At a separate cost, you can get overnight delivery.

You Cannot Use Your Passport Near Expiration

passport onlineThis is a myth about passport renewal. It is spread too much because travel agents will tell you that you can only use your passport if it has six or more months prior to its expiration. This condition does not apply for all destinations.

You can use your passport up to the day of expiration when traveling in Europe. The foreign office says that your passport is valid for the proposed duration of your stay.

The other thing that makes this myth popular is that a person may be kicked out of a plane due to another reason and people mistake it for passport error.

Passport Renewal Is Complicated

A lot of people believe that passport renewal is complicated. This is not true if you have the right information. When renewing your passport, you can submit your DS-82 application form via passport offices, a regional passport agency or by regular mail. Only adult passports can be renewed. It takes about 4-6 weeks for your passport to be renewed but 1-2 days with Fasport Passport.

You can submit your passport application via mail if you have the current passport and you were above 16 when the current passport was issued, you have not changed your name and the issuance date is not more than 15 years. If you don’t meet the above conditions, then you must apply for a new passport.

Passport Application Is Complicated

passport processThis process will be complicated if you don’t have the right information. Before going for a passport application ensure that you have all the data required.

When you are applying for a passport for the first time you should have your government-issued ID, certified birth certificate.

For first time applicants, you must visit in person at the passport agency. To avoid any complication, fill the forms out correctly. Have all the documents ready to save time. The process of passport application is really simple, especially if you are well prepared.

Emergency Passport Cannot Be Done

Sometimes we have emergency issues that require us to travel out of the country urgently. You can get your passport within a few days after applying but you must prove that the emergency is absolutely true.


Most of the myths that you have heard about passport applications are not true. If you would like to learn more about passport application, it is better to visit a passport agency and have your doubts cleared.

To apply for a normal passport you need $135 for an adult and $105 for a child below the age of 16. When you are renewing you need $110 for all ages. Get your passport before the traveling date to avoid rushing at the last moment.

For an expedited passport, visit Fastport Passport.

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