24 hour passport emergencyIf you have a 24 Hour Passport Emergency and need a passport quickly, you have two options.

OPTION 1: Schedule an appointment with a Regional Passport Agency. This option requires you to visit the regional passport agency in person, if you can get an appointment within your timeframe.

OPTION 2: To get your emergency passport within 24 hours, try using a Trusted Passport Expeditor. A Passport Expeditor that is registered with the U.S. Department of State can secure your passport for you in as little as 24 hours.

While these providers guarantee service, it comes with an additional government passport fee.

How It Works?

Fastport Passport is a registered service with the U.S. Department of State, which allows them access to appointments that are not open to the general public. Every day, Fastport Passport processes U.S. passport applications faster than any other service. The 24-hour passport emergency option is your best choice.

How to Get Your Expedited Passport Fast!

When you order the expediting service through Fastport Passport, you will receive an email with instructions and documents. You will need to complete these documents and get your passport photos

If you need a New Passport, a Minor (child) Passport, or a Replacement U.S. Passport to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged passport, you must take these documents to an Acceptance Agent. Once the acceptance agent verifies your signatures and identity, you can forward your documents to Fastport Passport.

NOTE: If you need a 24-hour passport emergency for an adult passport renewal, you do NOT have to take care of the acceptance agent step. Please visit the Checklist Page for more information.

The 24 Hour Passport Emergency

Once Fastport Passport receives your documents, they’ll process your expedited passport in less than 24 hours. The process is very time sensitive. If you think you may need a 24-hour passport emergency passport, please contact Fastport Passport right away.

passport emergency expedite passport

Get Your Passport Expedited

NOTE: The 24 Hour Passport Emergency Process is very time sensitive.

Be sure to follow the directions carefully, as any errors could delay your passport application. Also, if you are applying for the 24 hour passport expedited processing, please contact one of the passport agents at Fastport Passport. Simply dial (877) 910-7277.

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