15 Best Apps To Make Traveling Easy

international driving permitHipmunk

This app will help you to find hotels and flights that are cheap but in good condition. It does not only search for a hotel based on the lowest price but also finds a hotel that is accessible. For your trip, remember to have this app as it will help you save money.


This app helps you plan your trip. This will suggest the best parts for you to visit based on your schedule. You can use a smartphone or plan via web. You can pay to get Tripit’s pro-level service which involves fare refund notifications and text messages alerts.


You need this app when you are packing. Instead of burning midnight oil trying to figure out what you are going to need for the trip, this app will help you.It creates a custom packing list based on your travel activity, where you are going and the weather condition


This app monitors your body’s circadian.  Based on the time zone of the area you are traveling to, you will plug in your sleeping habit data. You are traveling to a country with a different time zone and this app will help you to adapt.


When you are driving, you are scared to get stuck in the middle of nowhere without knowing where you can get gas. This app will lead you to where you can purchase gas and enable you to check for best prices. Remember if you plan to drive overseas, you should really have an International Driving Permit.

XE Currency

This is the app that can convert money from all over the world and helps you to know how much you are supposed to get after exchanging your money.


Food is an important part of your trip. Download Foodspotting to help you locate the best restaurants offering different authentic foods in the world. You can browse by alphabetical order for the best hotels in the area and set your GPS to that location.

Wi-Fi Finder

You don’t know the cost of Internet in another country and you can use this app to find a place where you can use Wi-Fi. You can download the map and use it offline to visit the place. This can be used in over 100 countries including Italy, Japan and the US. This app will help you to save a lot in internet bills.


This will help you to plan for your flight. You would not like to miss your flight or wait forever for your plane. This app will check for your plane when and where it was last updated.


If you would like to get new stories from travelers all over the world, this is the app for you. It enables you to record your moments and share it with other travelers. You will be able to find things about different places from other travelers and decide whether you would like to visit that place yourself.


For Instagram lovers, this is the app for you. It helps you record your trip in a simple way. You will be able to keep memories alive by using photos and short video clips.


This app enables you to organize your photos according to location. Also, it is arranged by travel route and the date of travel.


You will be able to know where other livemapps are and also take your favorite pictures and pin them on the map.


You will be able to upload your journeys and adventures through photos and videos whether you are online or offline.


For Instagram, tweets, foursquare check-ins and Facebook posts by collecting your map for travels and you can use your travel blog.

Passport Processing Bonus

With these apps, traveling is made easier. You can also make passport processing easier by using Fastport Passport services.

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